• A compendium of Adsense advice, tips, and help

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    Here is a collection of Google Adsense advice and help that I have assembled from the web. I hope you find it tremendously useful, for making money on the internet.

    Starting up from scratch
    Google Adsense – Quick Introduction
    Adsense Introduction: What is Adsense?
    Google Adsense and WordPress – Does it make cents? (WordPress)
    Starting your Adsense business with free blogs (Blogger/blogspot)
    Google’s heat map

    After that, try this post: How to make money with Google Adsense

    General tips/collections Note that some tips are recycled
    Google Information for Webmasters
    Adsense tips for bloggers
    Google Adsense Optimisation tips
    Adsense secret tips and optimization tricks
    Adsense tips to increase your revenue
    Making money through Google Adsense
    Top 10 ways to supercharge Adsense
    Adsense tips for bloggers
    Google Adsense tips
    Google Adsense Information, hints, tips and examples
    13 Ultimate Adsense tips collection
    10 Adsense tips for maximum click-through rates
    7 ways to get super Adsense income
    Top 10 AdSense Tricks To Boost Your Commission

    Tips for better adsense ad layout
    Don’t blind optimize your adsense
    Adsense unit size tips
    A short guide to ad sizes
    Adsense loading order affects click value
    Maximizing Profits With Website Design and Layout: Part II
    Effective blog layout map

    AdSense Tips: What Decides the Ads that Get Displayed?
    Finding the highest paying adsense keywords

    Search engine optimization
    Search engine optimization basics: Improve your standing in search engines
    Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs
    Search Engine Optimization for Blogs – The Complete ProBlogger Guide to SEO
    SEO tools for webdesigners

    PHP or codes
    HOW TO: Create intelligent blog ads
    Split testing Adsense
    Adsense tip: randomizing ads
    Trying to boost Google Firefox referals program earnings
    How to Get Immediate, Top Placement With Search Engines: A Pay-Per-Click Overview

    Useful tools
    Google Zeitgeist
    Finding stop words
    Chicklet Generator
    Keyword selector tool
    Keyword density checker
    Overture bid tool

    Other things you can do
    Monetizing your blog archives
    Putting adsense in your feed
    Chasing pennies with Adwords
    AlternateURL: Earn revenue from PSA ads!
    Adsense revenue sharing

    Things to consider
    Can The Source of Your Traffic Affect Adsense Revenues?
    Importance of a good Description
    Using free information to earn big money with Google Adsense
    Doubling Google Profits overnight
    Maximised Adsense earning overnight
    Understanding Adsense (Adsense as content)
    Cracking the Google Adsense Code

    Do I Have To Pay Taxes On My Ad Revenue?
    It’s tax time! (Paying taxes on Adsense revenue)
    Taxes on Adsense

    Terms and conditions
    Google AdSenseTM Online Standard Terms and Conditions
    Adsense policies
    Know thy Adsense terms and conditions
    Common mistakes by Google adsense publishers (Full explanation here)

    Preventive measures for Google Adsense ban
    You Too Can Be Banned From AdSense With No Money Down (Enquire Within) Part 2 (Reinstating suspended Adsense account)

    Other lists
    Blog advertising programs A-Z
    39 Google Adsense alternatives
    Highest Paying Search Terms
    High paying Adsense keywords updated

    Websites that will help you
    www.seospot.info for search engine optimization
    www.problogger.net and www.performancing.com for blogging-related advice
    adsensemaster.blogspot.com, one of many adsense-related blogs

    There are definitely more out there so I will add them from time to time. Do check back for new additions. Oh, and by all means, go ahead and add links in comments. Thanks!

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